When I was a little girl, I used to spin around and around, and fall, however, I fell, on the grass. And then I would giggle. 

The ground always caught me. Soft and sweet, silky and smooth.

 I don't know why I ever stopped.

How I have missed what it means, to just feel like a girl. 

To soften now, the hard edges that never wanted to be anything but soft, to let them be just that now. After all this time, how sweet. To let it go. 

To watch it  all fall down like pure, white feathers

and my job is only to let it. 

Because maybe, just maybe, we are meant to let go of it all, 

and just be feathers

When it all comes down, what really makes sense to me, is letting go. 

Of all the things I always thought I had to be, 

what I really love,

is the silky smooth,

what I really love is the grass, undernearth my feet,

what I really love,

is you. 

And how suddenly I am everything I ever thought I had to be. 

So very, very naturally. 

Falling to the ground, ever so softly and slowly, like a feather.

How beautifully the feather lets go and allows it. 

No worry at all of where it lands. 

And everything feminine within it,

Because when a lioness falls, 

a lioness falls good, 

light and airy,

floating like a feather, with no fear.

And all the while, soft, silky, and smooth.

Reminding me, always, that I am still all girl.  

This very, very grown up girl. 

Falling like a feather. 


Happy meditating,


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