Because orange is the color of fall 🧡

Svadisthana, the Sacral Chakra, burns a brilliant orange. It is calling us to stoke the inner fire. 

The days get a little shorter, and time inside gets a little bit longer. And how that time inside has been longing for us, longing for us, and the truth.

And here we are sitting with the truth. 

It is time to come hOMe. 

It is everything primal, and everything about who we really are. We are really falling in love at every turn, we are really not interested at all in any noise, we like the leaves, we love the moon, and we love that we are here, right now. We love that we have always KNOWN exactly how to do THIS. 

The honor of being this fully and beautifully embodied. 

We LOVE that we get to live this. 

How I love taking the pause, to hear you, my love.

I hear you through the ten steps by ten steps I take into my job, through the tri-color of leaves, all pinks and oranges and yellows, and you walk with me. 

And I know there will be a day, when we have both feet, landed together, on this ground. 

This chakra is all about Orange

And don't we just love orange. 

This IS the great abundance. 

Put your hands in your lap, palms up, left hand underneath. The left hand cradles the right, and the tips of the thumbs touch gently. Concentrate on Svadisthana, and repeat the mantra, VAM. Repeat the mantra three times and feel the vibration that is your voice. 

Then the mini earthquake that is your breath. 

Now, let those leaves just fall. 

Happy meditating, 


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