To the sun ☀️

The Solar Plexus sits near the navel, right above the Sacral Chakra, and just below the Heart

It is our own internal Sun, and glows a bright yellow. It shines always, even though we might endure some rain. It is always there, it never leaves. The shine is ours--it is a true gift, no strings attached. We may stray from it, but we can return whenever we wish. It is always there.  It is as much a part of us as bones--just a little bit lighter. It is our sense of Self. Sometimes we have to go through a whole lot of who we aren't, to finally hear who we are. 

We have to get to the Solar Plexus, which is the center of activity and energy, and the place where we feel social and confident in our own skin. It is something we must pass through, before we get to genuine, which is indeed, written in the Heart, like stars. 

Energy meets energy, so here is to the best of who we are. Once you have met that energy, it is impossible to ever go back. Energy never tells a lie. It won't go unnoticed. It is noticed by this place, this place of instinct, that the Universe has been honing in us for atleast 3.7 million years. It is good at what it does, doubt was something we learned, it is not something we inherently know. Doubt is a relatively new invention, and a human one at that. 

There is an angel number, 1212, which is indeed all about the best of who we are, and if you listen carefully, you can hear what the Universe is whispering in your ear. It has been trying to tell you something, that all along, you have always KNOWN. Allow it your attention. Afterall, as hard as it is to hear, it is what you have always wanted to hear, this is unconditional love. 

To Yellow. To the 1212. May we enter the Heart humbly, and from this place, this place of the Self that is selfless. 

The mantra is RAM. It was the mantra of Gandhi. 

You are in good hands. 

Honor the sun, it is both within and without. There are two Universes revolving around it. 

Happy meditating, 


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