Green is the color of my heart 💚

Tantra is the quiet, patient, don't even know it is happening, weave of the Universe. It is what happens when we are distracted by other things. We are so busy putting all the pieces of our lives we think we have to get together, together, and the Universe all along, has been busy weaving other things. 

It might just be planting seeds. 

Seeds of the things we really wanted. The things that weren't made conscious, but were conscious in our heart center, all along. The things we have such a hard time speaking about. The mind likes the words, but the heart and soul, need no words at all. 

It is in these moments, that I can't help but feel like the joke is so on me. 

The Universe has an amazing sense of humor, and I like it

We are made of trees, rivers, the moon, the sun, stars, and fields. 

And this is what Rumi called the field, I so KNOW  it. 

This green, green light. 

This sacred space of you and I, these two worlds, with nothing to do now, but lay down in it.  

Concentrate on your heart chakra, located at the center of your breastbone, and sit cross-legged on the ground. Bring your right hand to your heart chakra and allow the tips of your index finger and thumb to touch. Allow the left hand to rest, palm down, on your upper left thigh. 

And repeat the mantra, YAM

Repeat it three times. 

Let's sink on back into Balasana now, and just allow for it, for all of it

Even the ache and the wait are divine.

It might just be showing us how to cherish the trees, the rivers, the moon, the sun, the stars, and the green, green grass both within and without. 

We are deep into the nadis now.

This glowing green light, the one emitting from the heart center, well, that, that just transforms everything. 

This is my weave, and so not my weave, at all. It is the weave that works through me. 

The pure tantra of it all. 

Happy meditating, 


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