Third Eye Territory

The word psychic is derived from the Greek word psychikos, meaning SOUL

When I was a little girl, I was standing on the bridge at the Japanese Gardens in West Palm Beach, and I looked down, and there he was, this amazing alligator, popping his head out of the water. I was so excited, that I said out loud, 'I saw an alligator!', and everyone around me didn't believe me. It was so much so, that  I started to believe I imagined it, and so embarrased that I said it out loud. 

The Greeks are who derived most of our languages, as in world languages, and let's just hand it to them for a minute, afterall, the Parthenon is still standing. 

I sat very hesitantly at the table of a psychic one day, and she said, 'How many times have you driven by here before you finally came in?'. I answered back, 'atleast a hundred'. She asked me why I was there and  I told her that so many weird things were happening to me since I started doing yoga. I told her how I had gone into a forward bend and that I felt like I just fell through the floor. She asked me about love, and I started rambling about some guy that everyone else thought I should love. I guess I thought I was supposed to love him too, and was trying so hard to believe I never saw that alligator, and that everyone else was right. 

She said, 'No', it isn't him'. It is not him at all. So I asked, 'If it isn't him, when will I meet him?' And then all of the sudden, I knew why I had arrived at her door. There was a stillness in the room, that was nothing less than the Truth. 

"Oh my dear, you already have, but that one, isn't him. Just stay good in here', she said, placing her hand over her heart. 'He was weaved so well in between. It already is, and it has always been'. 

This is Third Eye Territory. It isn't for everyone, but what a shame, because it is in everyone. 

So let's just let it be. 

This is where our intutition lives, and if we all paid a little more attention to it, and allowed it a little trust, we would have been everywhere we wanted to be, a very long time ago. But sometimes things happen that get in the way of us being able to trust that great place. 

So let's finally hear, what it has been so patiently telling us for so long. It was much easier to hear long ago, before we started letting everything else get in the way. 

You owe it to yourSelf. It is the gift of your life to know it. It is as strong, and even stronger, than the Parthenon. 

It is there always, without your permission, or even your will. It pops up, just as much as your breath. You have never had to teach yourself to breathe. It is a knowing, a little something from your SOUL. 

It is within you. It never needed to be taught. So wild. As you are wild. 


Forgive yourself for everytime you didn't listen, for every time you felt like you couldn't listen, for everytime you went against it. Afterall, we have been out of practice for centuries. 

Sit on the floor, legs stretching out before you, raise your arms above, bow your head, extend your arms, and touch your toes. 

Feel the stretch and allow yourself to fall through the floor. 

...and that is how i met my third eye. 

I came across the brochure for the gardens many years later, and there he was, on the brochure, popping his amazing head out. 

You bet your ass I saw that alligator. 

Let's stay good in HERE, my love, and gravitate. 

Nothing is really Greek to us, afterall. It IS us. 

Happy meditating,


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