It was, it was, her militance

When Melvyn R. Leventhal was asked what it was that he fell in love with, when he met his wife, he said, 'It was her militance'. 

His wife was writer and activist, Alice Walker. 

The married on March 17, 1967.

She wrote the 'Color Purple', when she was pregnant with their daughter. 

The throat chakra, Vishuddha, is all about the voice, and the opposite of the voice. It is really about the ears.

It is only when you listen, so patiently, that you can respond, so powerfully.  Pay attention, the truth is in the listening. 

Love, true love, will honor that voice, and realize its' worth. 

Afterall, it came through the mud, and became full lotus, and used that voice in this life, to its full potential. It's full potential is the truth. It is what we are called to do. 

There is nothing sexier than that embrace. 

So let's clear our collective throat, and let that voice out, the one we have always known. It has lied dormant, long enough, but that is okay too, because it was just being cultivated, taking it all in, becoming.  It is that high pressure all along, that turns coal into diamonds.  This chakra is about health, because health and the truth are ONE. This chakra opens up our creativity, that which is only ours, and within it we find, our voice. There is no balance without it. And no health without speaking it. 

Let's trust it, 

And when the time calls for it, 

may we not forget our militance

It is what made for the greatest of books, the kind that change the world. 

The truth is Universal, a language we are all called to speak, and militance, just another word for the brave, the ones who dare, to risk everything, to tell it. 

The mantra is HAM. The gems are aquamarine and lapis lazuli. The pose is fish pose, Matsyasana. Lie down on the floor, bring your shoulders back, lift your forearms up, press your foreams and elbows firmly against the floor. Press your scapulas into your back, lift your upper torso, let your head fall back, and inhale. Take in the stars. Allow the throat to open up. Inhale, exhale, feel the body rise. Be present, right here, for a moment. Abandon and surrender to the breath. 

There is no better listener. 

The color, of course, is blue. When we find our voice, we have to let it go and flow, like the ocean. The ocean always knows exactly what to do, as it ebbs and flows. 

You have everthing you need, and no reason to doubt it now. 

Militance comes from patience, and patience is what makes for diamonds. 

Happy meditating,


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