I know you know I had the very best of everything in my heart, 

But all of these things just worked against us all of the sudden, 

these things, that I didn't want to allow,

and at one moment, I fell to doubt. 

This girl who has had the actor's high,

who repeated every word,

soft and slow, 

from somewhere she thought she didn't know.

This girl, 

who came out from the grocery store one night in the South,

with not a dime to her name, 

and found a hundred dollar bill under her tire,

and no one around to claim it. 

This girl who writes her hardest entries first,

with a very old pencil that came from her Uncle Warren's desk, 

this girl that knows, 

there is no room for doubt

in this house now. 

The Universe teaches in opposites, thank you Sir Issac Newton, I never guessed the opposites would be played on me. 

This big bang of doubt, that had no blame. 

But made this side hustle,

the only hustle now.

Happy meditating,


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