I know this so deeply in my bones,

that it will all come around, 

That smile you gave for no reason, 

the one that just knew, something that everybody didn't. 

It is the smile that will all make sense one day. 

How synonomous with God it all is to me now. 

Because you were with me when I was 

4 wheeling under this bridge,

because you were there when the Monet in Boston brought a tear to my eye,

and walking in a Street in Venice, my Love, Sargent. 

There are no roadmaps here, only guideposts in this land. 

Radha is to Krishna,

Zelda is to F. Scott,

June is to Johnny,

Everything that is in that smile, 

and knows not at all what it knows, 

but knows it,

so deeply in its' bones. 

Happy meditating,


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